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and help them succeed.

What we do

We are a venture capital firm that specializes in funding and helping world-class academics with hard technology startups.


N-party payment hubs and non-custodial off-chain exchange.

Connectome preserving brain preservation.

A new, simple paradigm for consensus.

Race-free consensus with a layered DAG and PoST

Proxy re-encryption for distributed systems.

The first blockchain with transactional sharding.

A privacy-first cloud computing platform on blockchain.

A novel decentralized protocol for incentive markets.

Building tools to attack highly aggressive human cancers.


George Lambeth

George studied Computer Science at the University of Michigan. He worked at ConsenSys and performed security audits for 0x and technical due-diligence for ConsenSys Ventures. He was an early investor in Ethereum, Augur, Cosmos, Zilliqa, Thunder Token, and Spacemesh.

Phil Harris

Phil is a Harvard MBA and an early Priceline executive. He was previous a co-founder and CEO of Geofeedia, where he raised capital from the CIA's VC arm and sold software to SpaceX, Facebook, and Amazon. He currently advises Gladebrook Capital and has made investments in Snapchat, Uber, Liquidity Network, and Kadena.